andrew cotter

about me

Hey, bud! I'm Andrew, a developer/designer from Philly working in NYC. I make interactive experiences that are surprising, fun, and honest.

I like to make things that have both physical and digital dimensions to them. I have a BS in Industrial Design from The University of the Arts and an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons. I like to converge these two feilds in the form of interactive installations and games. I'm always looking at our relationships to technology and the ways we wield it: how it does things for us, and to us.

For my day job, I'm currently freelancing as a Creative Coder for various immersive design agencies in the NYC area. I also teach graduate-level courses at schools like Parsons, helping students learn how to make art, games, and interactive installations with code. When I'm not coding for money, I'm also involved with LiveCode.NYC (opens new window), a collective of tech artist who use live programming to create audio-visual performances.

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