andrew cotter

computational art + design

Talk to Light

A light beam you can talk to

This project was done while I was interning at Red Paper Heart (opens new window). We teamed up with some friends at Google to design an open source art installation that would showcase the potential of the technology from Red Paper Heart’s unique point of view and inspire developers and makers everywhere to build things using Custom Device Actions.

Role: Code Intern

In collaboration with:

  • Zander Brimijoin (Creative Director)
  • Daniel Scheibel (Technology Director)
  • Lisa Walters (Senior Producer)
  • Pedro Piccinini (Art Director)
  • Greg Schomburg (Creative Coder)
  • Shuvashis Das (Creative Coder)
  • Adrià Navarro López (Creative Coder)
  • Ji Young Chun (Code Intern)